Package Tours

Ireland: the land of myths, stories, music and good food, and even the occasional beverage! Yes, we have it all, and at the touch of a button and you can come and enjoy a wonderful  tour of the wonders and beauties of our countryside in the comfort and elegance of Carolan Coaches.

For many years we have been carrying passengers from the four corners of the globe and introducing them to the rugged beauty of our countryside and to the many quiet cul-de-sacs and little unheard of places. When you book with Carolan Coaches you can be guaranteed executive treatment at affordable prices and comfort in the knowledge that the next journey will be something to look forward to.

We have visited the most renowned castles, cliffs and beauty spots and along the way we can promise some hidden gems to make your photos the envy of all.

Relax and enjoy the serenity of our ancient and beautiful countryside and enjoy the culinary delights on offer in our many restaurants and fine food houses as well as the down to earth hospitality of our many hotels and guest houses.